We are delighted to announce that Droman director Paddy Tomkins has been appointed to the board of the influential Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC): http://www.sbrcentre.co.uk

Founded in 1996, the Centre has established itself as a hub of innovation and business improvement in support of the business community. Its objective is to create a secure environment where business can trade and prosper securely, regardless of size and sector. This encompasses everything from premises and employee safety to cyber security. It is a unique organisation comprising contributions and secondments from Police Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, major banks, industries, investors and private membership. It aims to provide members with a wide ranging one-stop-shop for business security services and advice. It is uniquely placed to act as an advocate for commerce across Scotland, and to be an independent voice for its members. The Centre is funded by a range of private and public sector partners including the Police Scotland, the Scottish Government, the Association of Scottish Clearing Banks, the drinks Industry, the Scottish Fire and Resue Service, and a wide range of business investors and members across Scotland.