Providing A Comprehensive Service

We Try & Keep Things Simple

If a client just wants a one-off input to overcome a problem we probably have the right expert; if we don’t, we’ll say so and find one.

Often though, the presenting problem is not fully defined, rather it is a series of symptoms that need exploring, analysing, risk assessing and some remedial options provided. We do that too. A lot.

In the course of resolving problems and helping drive improvement, we have conducted organisational needs analyses, working with individual managers and entire management teams. We have advised at senior official and ministerial level, in the UK and internationally. We have delivered and assured small projects and large programmes. We have delivered individual presentations and devised entire training programmes for large organisations.

Importantly though we do not have a menu-based approach to our services. Those mentioned above were developed as the result of a tailored approach following analyses of individual issues.

Need a report? Yes, often that is required. Governance bodies in particular often want the case for change to be compelling, and sometimes only the reassuring ‘thump’ of a report hitting the table will do. Well, we have done quite a few of those too, like the report leading to the largest public sector change programme in the UK in 2013.

In fact from investigations into victim care, fresh water rescue capabilities, the efficacy of major sporting events planning, to making the business case for protecting wildlife in Scotland, our library is stocked with a range of publications that pleasingly have generally led to improvements.

But most importantly, we will not try solve your problem by making it fit around one of our previous solutions or referring you to an earlier report. Simple really.

We will be happy to supply client references on request.

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