Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

Project Summary & Objectives

Droman Director David McCracken carried out a review of the multi-agency Safety and Security programme for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014, the third largest multi-sport event in the world – budget £550m. This led to a restructuring of the joint-agency programme that was staffed by Police Scotland, Glasgow City Council, Scottish Government and the Games Organising Committee (Glasgow 2014 Ltd).

The restructuring greatly assisted focus on the primary risk for the Games, the c-ordination of 25,000 safety and security staff, whilst ensuring that the programme was delivered successfully within budget.

David came into the planning work in a context of massive organisational upheaval for policing in Scotland which was undergoing reform, and the bringing together of different (and at times non-complementary) organisational cultures. He inherited a disorganised series of actions and planning products that he was able to craft into a coherent £90m security programme requiring contributions from a range of private and public sector organisations. Steve Allen QPM, Deputy Chief Constable, Police Scotland

David McCracken was subsequently appointed as the independent chair of the Games Delivery Committee in the final months leading up to the Opening Ceremony.

Droman’s Role

Reviewed the existing structure and identified fundamental weaknesses
Designed and implemented the new structure including much greater programme governance and visibility at strategic level, of issues and risks

Value Delivered to Client



The revised programme, which was initially assessed as Red by Droman on internal OGC review, was subsequently provided with an ‘Amber/Green’ rating by a high-profile external OGC review team, comprising internationally renowned safety and security experts. The programme played its full part in what was widely acclaimed as a superbly delivered event.

Confidence in the design and delivery of the revised safety and security programme allowed improved integration between the Scottish and UK governments, domestic and international security agencies


Public confidence in security at major sporting events had been diminished as a result of the G4S problems at London 2012 – the security programme for Glasgow 2014 had to and did, succeed in restoring that confidence


It was important that the legacy to Scotland included an increased reputation for competence in hosting major international sporting events. This was achieved and Scotland has successfully bid for further events since 2014 including the 2018 European Championships

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