Policing Responses to Cybercrime

Project Summary & Objectives

Policing Responses to Cybercrime: an International Evidence Review and Workshop

In 2017, Droman worked with the community interest company SEI and Abertay University to complete an international benchmarking study commissioned by the Scottish Government.

The project examined, compared and contrasted legal frameworks, policies, strategies, agencies and resources focused on combating cybercrime in six countries that were broadly comparable to the strategic context of Scotland:

• Canada (Province of British Columbia)
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Sweden
• Finland
• Poland

Droman’s Role

Droman supported the two principal phases of evidence gathering:

1. A literature review
2. Structured Interviews with key personnel

The two phases of review and meta-analysis had a double comparative focus: comparisons were drawn across countries in order to understand similarities and differences in cybercrime policing.
Areas of comparison included definitions of cybercrime, policing structures, procedures, recording standards, what works and what does not. Data on resources committed (where available) were pulled from published sources.

Furthermore, a comparison was drawn with the situation in Scotland to highlight a number of key factors: similarities and differences in good practices, opportunities for standardisation/harmonisation, differences and similarities on procedures, etc. Qualitative interviews were performed, transcribed and analysed using thematic analysis.

Droman chaired the international workshop held at the University of Edinburgh (14th March 2018) to facilitate presentation of the study’s main findings and discussion of consequences.

Value Delivered to Client

Provided a clear summary of evidence and analysis of the international context

Demonstrated the need for greater organisational/managerial buy-in to the scale of the cybercrime problem


Recommended improvements in reporting and recording require tightening up of definitions of cybercrime


Showed how the amount of cyber-expertise within law-enforcement could be greater and more widely spread

Demonstrated the urgent need for stronger international cooperation to speed up trans- jurisdictional investigation

Recommended access for law-enforcement to a research and development capability to counter the rapid evolution of cybercrime techniques


Advocated stronger partnerships with the commercial sector (hardware/software manufacturers and service providers)

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