Mexico Police Scoping Study 2016

Project Summary & Objectives

Mexican Federal Police and the Municipal Police services
of Morelia and General Escobedo

Scoping study for national police modernisation and review of municipal community policing models

In 2015 Paddy Tomkins was invited by Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) and the British Embassy to Mexico to speak at a conference in Mexico City on the subject of human rights and accountability in policing. The address prompted an immediate request to Droman from the Embassy to undertake a scoping study of policing arrangements in Mexico and to provide recommendations for reform. This work was undertaken by Droman associate Sir Stephen House QPM in 2016 and a full report with recommendations supplied.

Simultaneously, the Embassy and the Mexican Federal Police asked Droman to prepare a bid to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) for funding from the Global Cyber Challenge Fund for a mobile immersive learning platform to train police officers in the management of cybercrime and digital forensics. The bid came second in the funding competition.

In late 2016 Droman was commissioned by the Mexican research organisation Fundaćion IDEA to review the community policing pilot sites in the municipalities of Morelia and General Escobedo. This work was undertaken by Andrew Bates QPM, an expert in community policing models and applications, and a full report with recommendations provided.

Droman’s Role

Provided regular progress reports to stakeholders and the British Embassy in Mexico City, keeping them apprised of developments and progress.

Provided appropriately detailed reports compiled by technical experts, with clear and practical recommendations for action

All scoping studies used methodology and evidence compliant with HM Inspectorate standards

Prepared detailed and costed bids for UK and Mexican Government funds for improvement projects

Worked closely with senior stakeholders in the Mexican Federal Government, States governments, municipal authorities and civil society groups

Assisted in assessing the existing capabilities for professional and independent monitoring and evaluation

Developed a detailed and costed proposal for introducing new immersive learning technology to train police first responders in the management of cybercrime and other high risk operational challenges
Assisted in developing training programmes and strategic and performance-orientated management as well as for monitoring and evaluation unit

Value Delivered to Client


Established long term working relationships with universities and civil society groups to facilitate research and continuous professional improvement

Developed long-term, and continuing, relationships with the British Embassy, the Mexican Federal Police and other relevant agencies in Mexico
Supported study visits to the UK and provided advice on good practice in cybercrime management and digital forensics

Provided costed options for modernisation of training delivery and related HR processes

Provided a series of recommendations for action and improvement in the national and local management of intelligence to facilitate intelligence-led policing
Established best practice congruent with the operating context in Mexico through research and study visits
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