Human Resources Management Project

Project Summary & Objectives

Development of a Human Resources function in MoI (2014-2016)

Droman Director David McCracken led a €1m funded project in Belgrade over two years to design and implement a modern human resources management (HRM) function in the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

As the UK’s residential twinning advisor (RTA) David coordinated a team of international consultants ensuring that they completed sub-components of the strategic project, on-time and to specification.

The Project delivered all objectives including the drafting and enactment of necessary legislation, the completion of over 46,000 new contracts for personnel, and the creation of an international standard human resources function.

David led the design of the new HR function within the Ministry that fulfilled both international and legacy HR responsibilities. He ensured that there was a successful transfer to the new structure both from ‘Day One’ (21/12/15) as well as identifying an action plan for the next three years so that the function can develop as the Ministry develops its capability.

Adrian Jackson, Managing Director, Skills for Justice Enterprises Ltd

Droman’s Role

Completed a gap analysis from the post-communist era personnel function that existed in the Ministry of the Interior (46,000 staff)
Consulted with Ministry staff, briefed Ministers and EU officials about what was possible before designing a contextually sympathetic HRM function
Completed implementation of the new structure whilst at the same time managing a complex implementation environment including a complete overhaul of the Ministry and police reform

Value Delivered to Client

It allowed the opening of Chapters 23 and 24 of the acquis communautaire, thus placing Serbia on a firmer footing in its negotiations
It substantially supported the drive to reduce corruption in policing and justice along with reducing the impact from serious organised crime
It increased public confidence by making more visible the processes of senior appointments within the Ministry
It improved staff morale by providing career paths and open processes of recruitment, selection and staff appraisal
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