Transport For Greater Manchester

Project Summary & Objectives

Critical Projects Portfolio Review – Transport for Greater Manchester – June-October 2016

In 2016, Transport for Greater Manchester were preparing for a fundamental upscaling in scope and size as they took on additional responsibilities for integrated transport across their region. They recognised that this necessitated a change in how their infrastructure and change programmes were managed. Accordingly they commissioned Droman to review a series of their high risk projects, creating both individual delivery confidence assessments and a high level report with recommendations for change.

These reports resulted in changes to governance arrangements and the creation of a portfolio office to oversee programme delivery.

Droman’s Role

Carried out eight OGC style reviews and provided delivery confidence assessments

Provided an overview report with recommendations for change
Provided one to one briefings on programme governance and health, to Chief Executive and senior management team

Value Delivered to Client

An independent review of the most critical projects
Recommendations for change
A follow-up review of one high risk project
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