Cybercrime training for frontline staff 

Last week was an important week for Droman cybercrime training. We were testing our immersive learning platform with the police.  Helping busy police officers find the time to improve their cybercrime and digital evidence handling skills, was always going to be a tough job.  Asking them to use a computer tablet for frontline training, was another test.

Judging by some of their comments, we seem to be going in the right direction however:
“I felt like I learnt more doing training in this format than reading on moodle.  I normally switch off.  I though this was more engaging.  Fab idea! “

“A fun, easy to use, interactive training program [sic].  So much better than the current Moodle training and much better suited to my personal learning style.  Definitely a step in the right direction. A+ “

We also received some really helpful feedback on features that officers thought could enhance their training further.

This was our first session with Police Scotland officers and it was held at St Leonards police station in Edinburgh. We are very grateful to Superintendent Richard Horan and his staff for their hospitality.

Next we move to the police training college at Tullialan castle where our training will be further put through its paces.

If you want to view a video ‘fly-through’ of the training please click on the link below:

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