This week our cybercrime training programme moves to Tulliallan Castle, home of the Scottish Police training college. We like the idea of taking our training not just to the idyllic setting of Tulliallan castle, but to the very centre of Scottish Police training

And what an interesting contrast this will bring.  18th century fortifications, hosting a 21st century training event.  So which century will prevail ?  

We accept that our app-based training via a tablet would not have been much use against the risks that Scottish castles were built for.  We do think however that we have the edge today now that the risk look more like Wannacry than a three 3 kilo ball of metal. 

At Droman we wanted to develop a tech solution to a tech problem.  Using cutting edge applied gaming techniques, to deliver effective cybercrime training anywhere, anytime, seems to be such a solution.  Academic research shows that our applied gaming approach offers significant advantages in retention of knowledge and application of skills.  Check out our website for a video on this subject from Dr Natalie Coull of Abertay University.

Much as we like theory however, user experience is key.  Comments from our earlier training sessions suggest our immersive learning approach is engaging and fun too. 

We are testing this approach with cybercrime training now.  We will develop it to deal with subjects such as induction training and GDPR.  Importantly the approach is effective with all subjects that require large numbers of staff to complete auditable, effective training without going anywhere near a classroom or completing an on-line quiz.

Sounds too good to be true ?

Well, as we say, move with the times – immersive learning from Droman

It went well ! It is great to be able to report another successful session.  21 participants, lots of great feedback including:

“This training is excellent in providing knowledge around seizing items related to cybercrime. The platform is a modern way of engaging with learners.”

The scenario based aspect of the training could prove to be useful in applying the theory of almost any policing scenario.’”

It has been a lot of work to get the training into use, so comments like the above are good to receive.

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